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[Mexique] Post-doctoral grant in marine biology

May 9, 2018

Post-doc opportunity for a crustacean biologist, posted by Michel E. HENDRICKX, Laboratorio de Invertebrados BentonicosUnidad Academica Mazatlan in Mexico :



"Although very limited in numbers, there are postdoctoral grants available in our university. Selection, however, is very tough.
I am personally looking for a PhD (recent, no more than 5 years previous to start of the grant; with publications) that would fit this profile:
1. Experience with decapod crustaceans, all fields, including taxonomy, ecology and phylogeny. 
2. English-speaking (or very good at redacting in English).
3. Publications related to (1) is a must. No defined number but as many as possible in top journals.


For further details please contact me directly:"


More information available here :

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